Located in North Berwick Maine.  

Bauneg Beg Mountain is comprised of three peaks. The largest peak is 866′. Bauneg Beg is the highest in Southern York County.

No. Berwick

Fox Farm Hill, North Berwick, ME

From Bauneg Beg, looking North-Northwest, Mt Hope (672′) in Sanford Maine, is located 2.5 miles away. Mt Agamenticus in York Maine is 12 miles away in a Southeasterly location. 

In the 40’s Bauneg Beg Mountain was a local ski area. There are still some items left.  Although, most of the equipment was moved to a mountain nearby where the skiing continued.

Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington

On a good day the ocean is easy to see along with Mt Washington at 337° true only 67 miles away. Follow this link to a picture looking at Mt. Washington from the middle peak of Bauneg Beg. The towers which are in the forefront are that of Mt Hope.

If you decide to hike Bauneg Beg during the evening hours you can star gaze along with getting a nice view of Sanford, Maine.

A local land trust organization (GWRLT) has purchased some land on top which is open to the public.

Headwaters of the GWR Watershed

GWR Watershed

The Great Works River Watershed area begins along the sides of Bauneg Beg Mountain.  It is a boundary of the eastern border of North Berwick with the town of Sanford.  It flows past numerous homes along Morrills Mill Road and gathers water from a small stream before passing through a narrow bridge on Fox Farm Hill Road. The river meanders past a gravel pit and enters a large marsh area bisected by a power line right of way.

It then begins to widen as it flows into Bauneg Beg Pond, a 180 acre body of water that lies across the North Berwick and Wells border.  At its outlet from the pond the Great Works River passes a small dam on Morrills Mill Road and continues south as several small streams and marshes add to its waters. The river forms a short stretch of rapids as it narrows and passes under a bridge on Boyle Road. It flows through mostly undeveloped terrain for three miles before encountering another dam on Staples Drive.

Passing the dam, the Great Works River twists and turns around a large farm on High Street. It is then joined by West Brook at near the Pratt and Whitney facility. The river meets a dam in the center of town where it is joined by the Neoutaquet River a quarter mile downstream from the Wells Street bridge. As it leaves the highly developed town center the river begins to twist and turn again, flowing past the wastewater treatment lagoons on Eastern Avenue and passing into South Berwick.